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Want to pedal something so fun and comfortable it hardly seems like excercise? If you think fun can only be measured in terms of riding time and distance, a ride on a Hampton will tilt your world. These bikes are quick and fast town speedsters but they aren't about saving time so much as they are about savoring the simple joy of riding. These bikes make every ride a holiday, where it's not the amount of time that matters but how you spend it on fun and relaxation that counts.

Cruisers have undeniable Old School appeal, but they don't have to be antiques. Some of the other guys' cruisers could be lifted straight out of the 1940s, and while they're definitely classy their heavy steel frames and klunky parts are hopelessly out of date. They just aren't as fun or comfortable as our 21st century Hampton Cruisers.

We augment our lineup of timelessly cool single-speeds with 3-speed versions for pedaling ease. The sweeping lines of our frames look classic but they weigh pounds less than yesterday's steel. Add luxuriously plush saddles, swept back handlebars for that upright, see-over-traffic riding posture that's comfy and stable and you've got yesterday's style with modern amenities.